The excitement over Olympic Trials has reached a fever pitch, and we cannot wait for the meet to start at Lucas Oil Stadium in just three short days! Carmel Swim Academy is part of the larger Carmel Swim Club organization, and the connection between our programs is a unique strength.We wanted to ensure you all were able to cheer on all of our CSC athlete and alumni qualifiers as they compete between June 15 and 23. Read on for a daily schedule of prelims swims and details for how to watch the meet, either in-person or from home.

Current entries for CSC athletes and alumni are as follows:

Day Events with CSC Competitors
Saturday, 6/15 W 400 FR: Lynsey Bowen, Kayla Han
W 100 FL: Kelly Pash, Alex Shackell
M 400 FR: Gregg Enoch, Drew Kibler, Jake Mitchell, Aaron Shackell
Sunday, 6/16 M 200 FR: Drew Kibler, Jake Mitchell, Aaron Shackell, Andrew Shackell
M 400 IM: Gregg Enoch
W 100 BR: Molly Sweeney
W 200 FR: Lynsey Bowen, Kelly Pash, Alex Shackell
Monday, 6/17 W 400 IM: Ellie Clarke, Kayla Han
W 100 BK: Berit Berglund
Tuesday, 6/18 M 200 FL: Gregg Enoch, Aaron Shackell
M 100 FR: Drew Kibler
W 1500 FR: Kayla Han
W 100 FR: Kelly Pash, Alex Shackell
Wednesday, 6/19 W 200 BR: Molly Sweeney
W200 FL: Lynsey Bowen, Kelly Pash, Alex Shackell
Thursday, 6/20 W 200 BK: Ellie Clarke
M 50 FR: Drew Kibler
M 200 IM: Gregg Enoch, Sean Sullivan
Friday, 6/21 M 100 FL: Aaron Shackell
W 200 IM: Kelly Pash, Molly Sweeney
W 800 FR: Lynsey Bowen, Kayla Han
Saturday, 6/22 W 50 FR: Alex Shackell

Olympic Trials has semifinals for events 200 meters and shorter. The top 16 swimmers from prelims in those events progress to a semi-final that same evening. From semi-finals, the top eight swimmers will compete for a spot on Team USA in finals the following evening. For 400-meter events, the top eight swimmers from prelims will move on to compete in finals that same evening. In 800 and 1500 meter events, the top eight swimmers from prelims will compete in a final the next day.

Phew! We know that’s a lot to remember. Rest assured, we will update you on the progress of our CSC athletes and alumni for second and third swims throughout the meet to ensure you don’t miss a swim! The easiest way to be updated is to follow the Carmel Swim Club Instagram or Facebook pages.

Prelims will begin each day at 11 AM. Finals/Semifinals will start at 8 PM. We would love to have as many fans present as possible in Lucas Oil Stadium to cheer on these athletes in person. Tickets are still available for purchase HERE.

We understand, especially over the course of a nine-day meet, that attending every session is likely not possible for your family. Fortunately, prelims will be broadcast live daily on Peacock and available for delayed viewing at 6:30 PM daily on USA Network. Finals will be live every evening at 8 PM both locally on WTHR and to stream on Peacock. The city will be trying to air each CSC athlete and alumni race on the screen in Midtown Plaza as they’re able.

Finally, All Things Carmel, a city-run shop located on Main Street has “SwimCity, USA” shirts available for purchase for $19.99. Our understanding is that available sizes are limited, so head over soon to if you’re interested in cheering on our swimmers in style. We’ve been alerted that the city is exploring additional partnerships with local businesses to increase community excitement about Trials and SwimCity, USA (we heard a rumor today about a limited-edition pint glass at Sun King that might become available?!) and we promise to update you as we learn of additional ways you can enjoy this enthusiasm and passion for our favorite sport.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Let’s go, Carmel! FTT (For the Team)