Swim Lessons

The Carmel Swim Academy offers a variety of options for your family. While our new pool is under construction, you can still enjoy our aquatics programs at either Carmel High School or the PrimeLife Enrichment Center. CSA’s proprietary curriculum offers lessons for infants and children ages six months and older, as well as for teens and adults. Lessons are separated into specific tracks based on both a swimmer’s age and ability level to best meet their individual needs. For more information about the skills and progressions between levels, please click here.

Sessions for all Carmel Swim Academy programs are offered monthly and run three to five weeks, often in alignment with holiday and school break schedules. To meet the flexible needs of your family’s schedule, the Carmel Swim Academy does not automatically re-enroll you for subsequent sessions. Class durations align with children’s ages (35 minutes for children ages 3-7, 45 minutes for children 8 and older). Costs within each session are $30 per lesson for children ages 7 and younger, and $35 per lesson for swimmers 8 and older.

Carmel Swim Academy wants every child to have the opportunity to learn to swim. If your family is experiencing financial hardship, and you are interested in signing your child up for our programs, please complete our free swim lesson application form.

CSA will launch new level names and designations for our first session of 2023. Families who swam with us prior to that time can click here to access an easy guide to determine which class your child ought to enroll in with this upgraded curriculum. Unsure where to begin? Click the “Find the Right Class” button below to take our helpful placement quiz.


If you have questions, please contact Senior Director Nicole Bills 317-571-4047.