CSA Impact

Carmel Swim Club carries a tradition of excellence and expertise in the highest levels of our sport, but each athlete had to make their “first splash” by learning the most basic and fundamental skills of being safe in the water. We like to say, “swimming takes you places.” Hear from some of our swim lesson families and Carmel swimming alumni about the foundation swimming provided to their lives.

Why We Swim With Carmel

“Carmel Aquatic Center has been a big part of our family! My three children have been swimming here since last summer. We have been in many other different swimming classes and it never seemed like they were getting it, but with Carmel Aquatic Center, it’s just amazing to see how much my children have improved in swimming!

It was very easy to schedule all three kids at the same time which was very helpful for our busy family schedule, plus all the staff here are so good with kids and eager to help out with your needs for all the various swimming levels. Very experienced staff helped my children to be strong, confident and skilled swimmers. I’m very excited to see their progress in the future with Carmel Aquatic Center!”

-Miriam Saad


“Our family chose swim lessons with Carmel Swim Club because of its name and swimming history. The program was able to get my boys comfortable in the water and work on stroke mechanics at the same time. We feel that teaching kids to swim early is critical so they have that skill their whole life. With this program, there is the flexibility of swimming once or twice a week, and there is teacher consistency. My boys have developed a love for this sport!”

-Tamara Ward

“Our young kids have been taking swim lessons for almost two years with Carmel Swim Club. At the time we started, they loved being in the water with family members, but we wanted to ensure they were safe while near water and could strengthen their swimming strokes. We’ve been so pleased with the small class sizes, individualized attention, flexible scheduling and reasonably priced lessons. We look forward to more time with Carmel Swim Club!” 

-Amy Adams

“The Carmel Swim Club Homeschool Swim program has been a wonderful fit for our family.  We like the flexibility of one-month sessions and Monday-Friday options. The coaching staff is friendly and easy to work with.  The students get individual attention. My children swim for fitness and fun, and Carmel Swim Club gives them both.”

-Kate Burkhardt Brandt

“Both of our girls have taken lessons with the Carmel Aquatics Center and have enjoyed them immensely. I felt that the lessons made them better and more confident swimmers.  The lessons and direction helped to prepare our oldest daughter for Swim club tryouts. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff is very friendly. I would highly recommend checking out the Carmel Aquatics Center for swimming lessons!”

-Christine Ermel

“We are grateful to be part of Carmel Swim Club! It’s been a fabulous opportunity for our son to grow and stretch as both an athletic competitor & as a whole person. We love that there is always a pathway for growth, a new avenue to gain “grit”. He’s challenged daily, yet enjoying the process. The club provides opportunities for the kids to be social, yet focused on personal growth. Coaches are excellent at creating a balanced approach to athletics. Carmel is fortunate to have the club, giving our future generations opportunities for developing personal best. We are thankful to be part of CSC!”

-Elizabeth Lewis

“We tried many different swim programs in the area and didn’t see improvement in their swimming skills after months of classes.  Carmel Swim Club gives my kids individual attention and really wants them to succeed. It was obvious from the very beginning that the instructors actually care about the kids.  They don’t treat it like “just a job.” It’s very important for me that my children learn how to swim. It’s a life skill that everyone should learn and I have seen a drastic improvement in my kids abilities in a short amount of time.  I know they continue to improve on their swim technique and one day can be on the Carmel Swim Team!”

-Maggie Walker

“Our family loves Carmel Swim Club! The teachers are approachable, knowledgeable, and well-trained. The coaches get to know the children individually and can tailor lessons to their needs. My oldest daughter considers her swim coach to be one of her most important mentors. Give Carmel Swim Club a try – you won’t regret it!”

-Sarah Jenkins

“The CSC swim lesson program is a wonderful opportunity for kids of all ages to learn swimming or improve their swimming skills. We particularly like that the program offers great flexibility both in terms of the levels as well as the schedule (time and day of the week). It is worth mentioning that summer classes for some levels are organized in an open pool. The instructor to student ratio is appropriate. The staff has always been nice and accommodating. Overall, we like the program and would certainly recommend it to anyone.”


“Carmel Swim is a fantastic program for kids of all ages.  We started our girls in lessons when they were 3 and 6. Our oldest is now a part of the swim team with Carmel Swim Club.  It was an easy and smooth transition to move from lessons to swim team. The swim lessons have taught our girls to be confident swimmers.  The coaches are all super friendly and work with each child based on their level and skills. We have been super happy with the progress made each month with swim lessons.”

-Amanda Burns

“We have been extremely impressed with our experience as part of the Carmel Swim Club and choosing to enroll in the Carmel Aquatic lesson program seemed like a natural decision for us. The teachers are attentive and friendly, and they’ve done a great job helping my various children grow in both confidence, as well as swimming proficiency. It has always been very important to us that our children develop into solid swimmers, because we wish to ensure their safety around the water as best as we can. This program has been excellent for assisting my children in becoming strong, capable swimmers.”

-Megan Keyser