While we all might have spent some time banishing monsters from closets or under the bed, the BEST step against a real danger you can take for your child is enrolling them in swim lessons. Participating in Carmel Swim Academy programs *decreases* your child’s risk of drowning by 88%. Will you help us banish that very real scare for more central Indiana children?

When we open the new Carmel Swim Academy pool our capacity for programs will quadruple! Your family will benefit through more convenient program times, a much easier registration process, and a larger selection of programs offered. Will you help us increase access to these programs with a donation today? Your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law and provides more central Indiana children with critical learn-to-swim opportunities.

The best way to maximize your impact? A recurring monthly gift!

$10 Monthly Donation
In one year, this grows to $120, providing a scholarship for a swimmer experiencing financial need to participate in a four-week session of CSA lessons at no cost.

$25 Monthly Donation
Just $25 a month over the course of a year covers CSA’s costs to certify two new lifeguards, ensuring all of our swimmers are safely supervised.

$50 Monthly Donation
This recurring gift is amplified to support the purchase of a submersible platform instructors can utilize to enhance the instructional environment for all swimmers.

$100 Monthly Donation
Over the course of one year, this grows to support 12 square feet of Carmel Swim Academy construction — and earns you a spot on our wall of honor in the new pool’s lobby!

While monsters might be lurking about this spooky season, limited opportunities for children to participate in swim lessons are MUCH scarier. Help us increase access to these critical programs.