Carmel Swim Academy is one part of the larger Carmel Swim Club community. Carmel Swim Club’s mission is teaching excellence through swimming, for life. CSA offers a doorway to swimming through dynamic aquatics programming, including group swim lessons. To date, we’ve shared the stories of 13 Carmel Swim Club alumni. These videos detail the lasting impact swimming––particularly swimming with Carmel––has on their lives. The overall takeaway? The relationships you forge in the pool, with your coaches, teammates, and yourself, provide an enduring touchstone throughout life. Though diverse in their experiences each of these swimmers would encourage your family to “test the waters” and give swimming a try.

We’ll continue to feature new videos. In the meantime, if you’ve missed any of our past impact stories, you can find them all here:

Winter 2021 Series

  • Hanna House: Hanna started swimming with Carmel Swim Club after her family moved to Carmel when she was a sophomore in high school. Hanna says, “joining a culture like that makes you better as a person, and an athlete, and a teammate.” 
  • Ben Burdick: Ben values the focus his coaches at Carmel had on his long-term development, not only in the pool, but in growing skills that would serve him throughout his life.
  • Jessie Walker: As an OB/GYN resident, Jessie relies on the coachability she learned through Carmel Swim Club to help her succeed in her career. She notes that swimming helped her learn the value of seeking out constructive feedback.
  • Spencer Satz: Now in medical school in Tel Aviv, Israel, Spencer shares that swimming, and Carmel Swim Club, in particular, “have been one of the greatest blessings of my life.”
  • Kiley Hewson: By the end of her Carmel swimming career, Kiley felt like her teammates were part of her family. She speaks to the life skills she gained through the sport and how important it is for her three young children to be exposed to the water safely.
  • Nik Astashinsky: Nik thrives in his career as a software product development consultant by drawing on his Carmel Swim Club experience, where he had to find his own drive for success and motivate his teammates to achieve their goals.
  • Jill Sheridan Poulos: Jill was part of the Carmel High School Girls Swimming and Diving Team from 1987-1990. Her favorite memory of Carmel swimming? Not competing for early state championships, but reporting for NPR on the year the Carmel girls broke the national record for consecutive state championships in 2015.

Fall 2020 Series

Spring 2020 Series

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