Give Today!

You know making sure your child is safe in the water is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Amidst the jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and witches that mark the Halloween season, nothing is scarier than your family being unsafe around the water.

Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death in young children, but participation in formal swim lessons can reduce that risk by 88%.

We applaud our program participants for taking the lead in making sure their children are safer around the water. They have put their trust into Carmel Swim Club to take this step and are making this Halloween season a little less scary and a lot more fun! We are asking you to help us further scare-proof our community by supporting the expansion of our community-based, noncompetitive programs through construction of the Carmel Swim Academy.

Will you make a gift to help increase opportunities to these critical programs to more central Indiana children? Any amount you can donate will help us complete construction on the new pool (set to open in the coming months!) and outfit it for expanded programs.

$28 Donation
Purchases two Speedo Junior Kickboards, an important teaching tool used across our noncompetitive programs.
$49 Donation
Offsets the cost of six solid-core foam noodles, which help young swimmers learn body position and balance while they kick and explore the competitive strokes.
$101.58 Donation
Provides the funds necessary to construct and support opening operations for one square foot of the new Carmel Swim Academy pool.
$240 Donation
Supports the cost of a scholarship for one swimmer to participate in two four-week sessions of CSA lessons at no cost, ensuring financial need is not a barrier to learning to swim.

We appreciate your support, and hope you can help us grow access to these essential programs for more children throughout central Indiana. As fun as it is to be scared during the Halloween season, we can all agree that water safety is something we’d rather feel empowered about. Thank you for being our partners in a less spooky Halloween!

Do you have any questions about how your donation might be used, or are you interested in sponsoring CSA through your business?
Contact Maggie for help:, 317-432-6546.