Carmel Swim Academy is one part of the larger Carmel Swim Club community. Carmel Swim Club’s mission is teaching excellence through swimming, for life. CSA offers a doorway to swimming through dynamic aquatics programming, including group swim lessons. To date, we’ve shared the stories of 38 Carmel Swim Club alumni. These videos detail the lasting impact swimming––particularly swimming with Carmel––has on their lives. The overall takeaway? The relationships you forge in the pool, with your coaches, teammates, and yourself, provide an enduring touchstone throughout life. Though diverse in their experiences each of these swimmers would encourage your family to “test the waters” and give swimming a try.

We’re taking a brief hiatus from sharing. In the meantime, if you’ve missed any of our past impact stories, you can find them all here, or as bonus episodes on the Off the Deck Podcast Stream.

Late Summer 2021 Series

  • Elizabeth Flaherty: Elizabeth, who recently joined Stanford University’s staff as their Director of Operations for Swimming, shares how CSC instilled in her the value of a strong team and her willingness to go above and beyond for her teammates.
  • Lucy Kramer: After graduating from the University of Louisville, swimming remained an important part of Lucy’s life, and she has a strong passion for ensuring children learn how to be safe (and have fun!) in the water.
  • Peyton Mosbaugh: Peyton insists that Carmel Swim Club helped her learn how to be the best version of herself and made her appreciate the value of process goals.
  • Taylor (Kelsch) Johnson: CSC’s mantra of “swimming takes you places” evolved in its meaning for Taylor. At first she was excited for the literal places she got to go through the sport (Florida, Nashville!), but now she appreciates how it forged her character to lead her far in life. 
  • Logan Mason: After moving to Shreveport, Louisiana mid-pandemic, Logan was reminded of how swimming can help you forge a community wherever you continue to go!

Early Summer 2021 Series

Late Spring 2021 Series

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