Carmel Swim Club Assistant Aquatics Director Isaiah Huisman has been with the program for a year. In his role, Isaiah provides critical support in program oversight and facility management to Aquatics Director Nicole Bills (read more about Nicole here). Read on to learn a little more about Isaiah, the programs we will offer while CSA is under construction, and what he is most looking forward to when CSA opens.

How did you come to Carmel Swim Club? 
I graduated college in December 2018, and subsequently spent about two months interviewing for a fair amount of jobs. Around mid-February, I was approached by one of the moms of the swim team I was coaching. She was looking for an aquatics director for an outdoor pool. I told her I was interested, but was also in the process of applying to two other jobs. One of these was a pool technician job in Chicago, the other was Carmel. My first interview, of the three, was scheduled with Carmel. Once I walked into Nicole’s office, I had a feeling that this was the place I was meant to be. As soon as I was offered the job, I jumped at it, and events lead to today.

What do you enjoy most about your role as Assistant Aquatics Director?  
I enjoy the ability that it affords me to teach and coach. I got my degree in Aquatics so that I could teach without having to be in the school system. My role allows me to expand upon that calling.

Can you share a little bit about the aquatics programs we currently offer?
We offer seven base levels for all ability groups. We start with the two beginner levels, those swimmers who are not yet comfortable in the water. From there we go to the two Intermediate Levels, these levels are geared to increasing independence and solo water comfort. After that we go to the Advanced Level, This level is the beginning of mastering the four competitive strokes and, again, increasing water comfort. We then move the student into Stroke Technique. This level is geared towards mastering the four competitive strokes and other skills requisite for swim clubs.

What is the greatest opportunity presented by the Carmel Swim Academy? 
The greatest opportunity is that it offers us the space we need to teach the kids. It also allows us to expand our programming to the level that it has the potential to be.

What are you most looking forward to when CSA opens? 
I’m looking forward to having the space that this new location will allow. I am also excited to have a centralized location.

Thank you, Isaiah!